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We are a team of tribologists and engineers to help you solving tribological challenges via simulations

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TriboSolver Online: Cloud-Based Application
The cloud based application allows simple setup of the simulations from any device, including your smartphone, and does not require any computational resources.
Embed in Your Existing Simulation Tools
Run TriboSolver Desktop Application from Matlab, Python or other software packages that you use to fully utilize the power of your own tools and TriboSolver
TriboSolver Desktop Application
The desktop application allows you to perform the simulations on your own devices, including high performance clusters and fully utilize the power of TriboSolver engine
Contact Problem of Rough Surfaces

Easily solve the problem of contacting rough surfaces to obtain contact pressures, real contact area, stiffnesses as well as subsurface stresses. You can evaluate the impact of certain coatings on the key tribological parameters

Flash Temperature Calculation

If you are interested in calculating the flash temperature at the contact between the sliding surfaces, you can calculate it using TriboSolver

EHL Problem Solvers

TriboSolver offers several EHL models to solve the classical problem of calculating EHL film thicknesses in sliding/rolling contacts

Tribology Counsultancy

We can help you with setting up the simulations to get further knowledge of the problem in hand, to facilitate the design of the parts or experiments

Stribeck Curve Calculation

Solving mixedl lurbication problems in lurbicated contacts is easy with TriboSolver. Input the surface roughness and contact conditions and calculate the friction in the contact

Custom Model Development

If you need further capabilities besides the wide range of solutions available with TriboSolver, we can definitely help you as well. We can integrate the solvers you are interested in into the TriboSolver at your request

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