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TriboSolver Desktop Application main tabs

TriboSolver Desktop Application is a set of models that allows solving common tribological problems, as described below.

Dry contact and thermal solvers:

  • contact pressure, real contact area, stiffness
  • elastic/plastic deformations
  • contact temperature
  • subsurface stresses

EHL solver:

  • Central/full film thickness
  • Hydrodynamic pressure
  • Stribeck curve and friction in mixed lubrication

Wear Solver:

  • Wear volume
  • Evolution of the surface profiles
  • Wear particles size

Surface Analysis/Analytical Solutions Modules:

  • Analyzing and generating surfaces

TriboSolver is based on Boundary Element Method combined with semi-analytical models to ensure fast, yet accurate solutions for tribological problems. The layout of the software is shown schematically below.

TriboSolver back-end schematic