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TriboSolver Online is a cloud-based web application that is running via a browser and solving contact mechanics/EHL/tribology problems numerically or semi-analytically. 

A user set up simulations using internet browser (front-end), while the calculations are performed on a server (back-end), see the figure below. Setting the simulations can be perfromed from any device that has internet connection and a browser, including phone, tablet, laptop or a desktop computer. Since calculations are perfromed on a server, the device used to set up calculations does not need singificant computational power, which makes it convenient for the user. 

Figure 1. TriboSolver Online Front-End and Back-End division. Front-End is a browser of a phone, laptop or desktop and can be used to set up the simulations. The actual simualtions are perfromed ob a server (back-end).

TriboSolver Online allows setting up quick simulations, get the results and analyse them online. 

The back-end of the TriboSolver Online is powered by TriboSolver 3.0 engine, which is a Desktop Application and runs on a server. TriboSolver Desktop Application is a further development of TriboSolver, which has been developed since 2017 and got significant attention in academia and industry. 

TriboSolver 3.0 is a set of tribological models that allows solving most common tribological problems, such as contact of rough surfaces, mixed lubrication analysis, cotnact temperature evaluation, wear analysis, etc. The main numerical algorithm running behind TriboSolver is Boundary Element Method (BEM) which allows solving tribological problems fast, yet accurate. The back-end solver is schematically shown in the figure below. 


TriboSolver back-end schematic